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Learn how variable charging can make your EV charging experience easier, faster and provide more options
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Cool small EVSE, works well and FAST!
- R.J. / Austria
Charging Cable working like a dream!
- J.O. / Finland
Good quality, fast shipping > perfect!
- U.S. / Switzerland
All good. Good and quick communication.
- T.R. / Norway

EVSELECT : Variable Amperage Charging Equipment

Easy amperage setting with the push and release of a button

Green/red LED indicates function and amperage setting

CE/TÜV certified J1772 plug with built-in proprietary electronics

6.5m (21 ft.) long heavy duty 2.5mm² (16A) 6.5mm² (32A) cable

New memory feature

All EVSELECT™ cables now have an amperage memory. This means that the amperage you chose is automatically saved and remains the same until you decide to change it. In the event of power outages or cable disconnection, your cable will remember this saved setting and use it upon reconnection.

EVSELECT™ is a Variable Amperage Charging Cable (evVACC), which is a direct replacement for the charging equipment supplied with your EV.
Since 2012, most OEM charging cables are rated at 10 Amps. Not only does this mean longer charging times, but it also shortens your driving range per charging hour. Therefore, the first obvious requirement for our cable was to offer 16 Amps.
16 Amps is great for fast charging, but having a fixed-amperage cable means making sure you're plugging into a socket with a 16A breaker. Or maybe you'd like to charge two EVs on one 16A socket at 8 Amps each. There are many situations which may require lower amperage.

This is why our goal was to develop a variable amperage cable with proprietary electronics built right into the J1772 handle. That's right - no bricks! We supply two versions of the EVSELECT™ cable: A 16 Amp version with the standard European Schuko plug (and others), and a 32 Amp version with a CEE32 5-prong plug. Both versions can also be connected to one of our appropriate adapters, allowing more charging possibilities.